Water Damage Mold Tips To Help You DIY

Water Damage Mold

Living with the Water Damage Mold can be harmful for health. Black mold can cause some serious health problems. Black mold can cause sinus infections, digestive tract infections, skin infections, and black mold can even be breathed in and can grow in your lungs and cause lung infections or its even been known to get into the blood stream. If you want to know how to get rid of black mold yourself make sure you take it serious and wear all the protective clothing.

Before you try Black Mold Removal you need find out what is causing the problem.
For mold to grow it needs moisture, with that said you need to have a mold inspection done or do it yourself. Now I have listed below some of the source's that may not be that obvious and i hope they help you.
  • In the attic: Check to make sure that your bathroom exhaust vent is vented out of the house through the roof. I have been in many attics where the contractor or homeowner left the vent pipe laying in the attic. This means every time someone takes a shower and the fan is turned on all the steam goes into the attic and could end up soaking the insulation. Insulation acts like a sponge and will hole the water for months. This will keep the ceiling wet and you can see black mold growing on the ceiling. Now if that is OK then you need to make sure your attic insulation is installed correctly. The attic is meant to breath and there are vents installed in the eave and if the insulation is blacking these vents then humidity will rise in the attic and condensation will form and cause mold in the attic. One more odd place to look in the attic is if you have water pipes that run in the attic and if they are not insulated then condensation will collect and drip onto the sealing and can cause mold growth. If you have your central air system installed in the attic then the condensation line can plug up and over flow and cause black mold growth. This can even cause black mold to get into the air ducts and spread it throughout the house. One more thing make sure the condensation pipe coming out of the A/C system is well insulated as this can sweat and be the water source as well.
  • Odd places Mold in Basement: Some of these places for water damage mold will be very similar as in the attic. If you have a central air system there check the condensation pipe for being plugged or if its insulated. Also check to make sure water pipes are insulated especially the cold water pipe as it will act like a cold glass of water during the summer and it can sweat. Some homes that have basements the home owner added a shower but forgot to put in an exhaust fan to pull out the water vapor. This can be the source of the mold problem. You might also want to check your drier vent to make sure its not plugged up. If its plugged as your drying the cloths the steam will be forced into the room and can cause mold growth.
  • Here is something that you might not think of: I have been to this one guys house and when he had his central air system he insisted on getting a bigger system than he needed. This caused his house to cool fast and the A/C stem didn't run long enough to pull the humidity out of the house. This cause Black Mold growth through out the hole house. It even grew on his cloths in the closet and even on his shoes. If you have made changes on your house like window upgrades or other stuff to seal the house up. Make sure you have an A/C company do a heat load on the house co they can size you central air system properly.

Next you will need to do is prep the area to help keep the Black Mold from spreading.
  • Make sure you shut off the ventilation system while you work with black mold or any mold problem. This is so that it wont start up and spread the mold throughout the house and make it worse.
  • Next take some plastic and cover the air vents and seal them using duct tape.
  • If you have mold on the walls then get some throw away drop cloths and cover the floor to help keep it from getting into the carpet.
  • Basically seal off the room so you don't spread the black mold throughout the house and make it worse.
I hope these tips on water damage mold can help you. As you can see finding the cause can be a lot harder than you think. It might be a good idea and call one of many mold removal companies to do a proper inspection. That way you can deal with your mold and mildew removal properly.

How To Get Rid Of Black Mold

If you would like to know How to get rid of black mold I first want to let you know if its a small problem yes you can do it yourself. However, if it is out of control then it should be professionally done.

Here is an example of a out of control problem.