How To Get Rid Of Black Mold

If you would like to know How to get rid of black mold I first want to let you know if its a small problem yes you can do it yourself. However, if it is out of control then it should be professionally done.

Here is an example of a out of control problem.

In this case this was cause from a roof leak and water traveled in the Attic and down the walls.

  1. How does mold grow? Mold requires moisture and cellulose which are foods for mold growth. Molds witnessed on aluminum or other surfaces that do not appear to have cellulose or moisture are most likely due to the presence of house dust which can contain enough moisture and cellulose for mold to grow. 
  2. Is mold dangerous? Numerous molds do not pose a health risk however, some molds produce chemicals called mycotoxins that can cause flu-like symptoms or more severe health problems. A potential health risk or hazard may be present at mold site. Clean up of mold contamination is required regardless of mold type and must include the elimination of moisture. 
  3. Why should I get my home tested now? Mold can double in 24 to 48 hours making the identification time critical to someone suffering from health issues as well as for the general safety of any client. 
  4. What are some of the most common molds found in buildings? Common molds found in buildings are: Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Alternaria and all are considered toxic. Stachybotrys, Fusarium, Trichoderma produce mycotoxins easily absorbed into skin, intestinal lining, airways and lungs. Other toxic molds include Coccidioides, Histoplasma, Blastomyces, and Memnoniella. 
  5. What are some health effects that mold can cause? The health issues that are allegedly related to some molds include allergies, asthma, pneumonia, suppression of the immune system; lung infections that enter the blood stream and affect the central nervous system, the brain, kidneys and other organs.
Claims are also being made that dermatitis and cancer can be caused by the mycotoxins produced by several species of mold. Recent articles have shown that certain molds not only cause health problems but, in some cases, death or severe retardation.

What is the cost to remove?
The price of cleanup will depend on what the problem is. Some jobs could cost no more then $50 and others will require a mold specialist to remove. By getting a building tested we can find out what type of molds we are dealing with and where the problem areas are.

Yes you can fix this yourself but I do recommend that a professional do this job. Because you must fix the roof first . In this house there will also need to have drywall removed and the insulation removed and you must wear the proper protection so you don't breath in the mold and cause you health problems.

Mold removal companies can handle all kinds of problems from mold and mildew removal, basement mold removal, black mold removal, toxic mold removal and so much more. If your try and do this yourself be very careful because if it isn't done right you can make the problem a lot worse.

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